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Mark O'Neill

Welcome to my website. If you’re looking for everything to do with Mark O’Neill, then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve been writing for the past forty years in some form or another. However, in 2017, I stumbled upon a writing and publishing course, and decided to start making the book writing my main source of income.

I am proud of all my books and the characters that inhabit them. I hope you come to enjoy them too.

My books are currently only on Amazon, but I intend to bring the paperbacks and hardbacks to other retailers in 2024. The books are also currently being developed as screenplays.

For the past 20 years, I have also been a tech journalist and editor, including being the managing editor of five tech websites, and an advisor to businesses wanting to improve their online presence. For several years, I was also an English teacher. You can read more about me on my About page.

Progress Of The Next Book

Amount Done 60%
Novels and Novellas
Bookworks Book of the week

The Department 89 novels

abteilung 89 romane

  • Staatsfeind
  • Das Gold der Reichsbank
  • Die Vollstreckerin
  • Unantastbar
  • Das Kind des Killers
  • Das Beethoven Syndrom
  • Der Verräter
  • Botschafter des Friedens
  • Operation Unendliche Vergeltung
  • Über dem Gesetz
  • Regimewechsel
  • Mission Donnerschlag
  • Der Teufel in Ketten
  • Walküre
  • Ground Zero
  • Tod den Spionen
  • Die Letzte Verteidigungslinie

The Scorpion Novels

  • The Desert Scorpion
  • The Praetorian Scorpion
  • The Avenging Scorpion


July 2024The Last Line of Defence (Department 89 #17)

September 2024Ground Zero (German translation of Ground Zero)

September 2024Matryoshka (Svetlana Kuznetsova #1)

December 2024 – The Hit List (Department 89 #18)

December 2024 – Tod den Spionen (German translation of Death to Spies)

March 2025 – The Syndicate (Department 89 #19)

March 2025 – Letzte Verteidigungslinie (German translation of Last Line of Defence)

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