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With a writing career spanning twenty years, I’ve honed my craft across various mediums and genres. In 2017, I pivoted to focus primarily on book writing, leveraging my extensive experience to create compelling fiction novels that have won two awards and gained a dedicated fan base.

My novels are currently available exclusively on Amazon, with plans to expand distribution through additional retailers in 2025. Several of my works are currently in development for screen adaptation.

Beyond fiction, I bring two decades of expertise in technology journalism and digital content creation. This includes being the Managing Editor for five prominent tech websites, advisory positions helping businesses enhance their online presence, and contributions to leading tech publications and blogs.

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21 books. 3 series. 2 languages. 3 Amazon bestsellers. Check out Mark's award-winning spy fiction novels and buy them here.

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From self-publishing to his books to just random thoughts. Read Mark's personal blog posts.

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With over 20 years experience in tech content writing, check out Mark's published articles.

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Mark's attempt to digitise his voluminous handwritten notes and collected screenshots. A continual work in progress.

AI manifesto

[Coming soon] This AI manifesto explains when Mark is prepared to use AI in his work, and when he isn't.

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[Coming soon] A concept first started by Derek Sivers. This is a continually updated page detailing what Mark is currently up to.

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[Coming soon] Mark is always up to something, and this page will detail and document his various projects.

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Mark's latest book

They are Germany’s guardian angels. They are…..the last line of defence

Department 89, under the command of Major Sophie Decker, is the German spy unit that takes the assignments that nobody else wants. The politically sensitive, the illegal, the ones that can’t be publicised or come to a court of law. For them, the laws and rules do not apply. They are answerable only to the German chancellor and her chief of staff.

Their mission brief is clear. Do whatever it takes to neutralise and eliminate Germany’s enemies, foreign and domestic.

They are feared by their enemies because they know that Department 89 will never give up. They will do what no other spy or law enforcement officer is allowed to do. They will kill. They will maim. They will never yield.

“The Last Line of Defence” is a collection of 20 stories of espionage and suspense. Stories that pack a LETHAL punch.

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