Mark O'Neill

mark o'neill
Mark O'Neill
  • Favourite music: U2, Queen, Meatloaf.
  • Favourite authors: Daniel Silva, John Connolly, George Orwell.
  • Favourite movies: Lawrence of Arabia. Ben-Hur. Star Wars.

I have been a freelance technology writer since 2004 when I wrote a regular eBay column for AuctionBytes (now renamed eCommerceBytes). I also contributed articles to the now-defunct Bookologist, Google Tutor, and a few other sites now lost to time (although you could probably find them on the Wayback Machine). 

Then came a couple of years of teaching work, teaching English to German kids threatened with dire consequences by their parents if they failed their English exam. In 2007, shortly before I was about to throttle all my students, MakeUseOf asked me to become the managing editor. I remained in that position till 2013.

From 2013 to 2016, I remained at MakeUseOf as a senior contributor, but I then branched out into other clients and other areas of writing expertise. I became an expert at cyber-technology and online privacy, online marketing, and online business. I was the Content Management Director for Quiet Light, and a contributing writer to online media outlets including LifehackerNowSourcingGroovyPost, Small Business TrendsPC WorldOnline Tech Tips (managing editor), Help Desk Geek (managing editor), Switching to Mac (managing editor), XDA, and Android Authority. I then did SEO consulting work with NoNoNo, a consumer advocacy platform.

I am currently the Content Director for Matter Alpha.

In 2017, I decided to tick off a bucket list item and realise a dream of mine. I started to self-publish my own spy fiction novels. With multiple books now published under the O’Neill Media and Obsessed with Books publishing imprints, I have received rave reviews for my Department 89 series and Scorpion series, with customers comparing me to Clive Cussler, Dan Brown, and Mark Dawson. I’m not sure if I deserve to belong in that exclusive club yet, but I am working as hard as I can to eventually get there.