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The Beethoven Syndrome (Department 89 #6)

A Deadly Pathogen. Millions Of People. A Race Against Time

Nazi scientists finally perfect a nerve gas that has the potential to cripple the invading Allied armies. But before it can be put to use, the war is over and the gas canisters lie hidden in a sealed underground concrete bunker.

Fast forward 70 years and the canisters are stolen by terrorists who threaten to use the gas on the German population if their demands are not met.

Refusing to make any deals, German Chancellor Claudia Meyer unleashes Department 89 and its ruthless spy chief, Major Sophie Decker to save the day. But Decker only has 24 hours before the terrorists’ deadline expires. The clock is ticking.

Praise for the prequel, “The Renegade Spy”.

“If Die Hard would have had a female lead, Decker would have been it”.

“Sophie Decker is my newest favorite heroine”.

“This book is the sort of book that is very difficult to put down once you start reading it”.

Move over Dan Brown!


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