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Book sales ads DO work on Instagram after all

abteilung 89 IG ad

Facebook Ads were getting a bit sluggish so I experimented with an Instagram ad. Ads are more or less one big experiment. One day, something works. Then it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, no point crying about it. Find something else that works.

Everyone has always said to me that Instagram Ads were a waste of money. But I never bought into that. I’ve always felt that if you had the right scroll-stopping graphic, then you would always get interest on Instagram.

It’s like every other ad platform. If you use an advert graphic that will blow the roof off, then you have an equal chance than any other ad platform.

The result? Within 3 days, 9% click-through rate and it’s stomping all my Facebook Ads into the dust.

Moral of the story – of course listen to other people’s experiences. But at the end of the day, YOU decide what works and what doesn’t. YOU are in the driving seat.

I’m kicking myself that I didn’t do Instagram earlier.

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