A Deadly Pathogen, Millions Of People, a Race Against Time.

It’s 1944 and in the closing stages of the war, Nazi scientists finally perfect a nerve gas that has the potential to cripple the invading Allied armies and turn the tide of the war in favour of Germany. But before it can be put to use, the war is over and the unused gas canisters lie dormant and hidden in a sealed underground concrete bunker.

Now in 2017, the bunker and the canisters are found by construction workers. But the gas is suddenly stolen by members of the 1970’s-era terrorist Red Army Faction, otherwise known as the Baader-Meinhof gang. They threaten to use the gas on the German population if their demands are not met.

Refusing to make any deals, German Chancellor Claudia Meyer orders Department 89 and its ruthless spy chief, Major Sophie Decker, to recover the gas canisters and kill all those involved in its theft. But Decker only has 24 hours before the deadline from the RAF expires.

The clock is ticking…..

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