One Man Holds The Key To The World’s Nuclear Balance Of Power

An undercover German Intelligence spy in the Russian FSB is betrayed and forced to go on the run. But he is eventually captured by a sadistic ex-KGB colonel, now working freelance for the Russian President.

His capture sets off a wave of panic at the highest levels of the government. The German chancellor, Claudia Meyer, gives Major Sophie Decker, chief of the elite Department 89 an order. Go deep into Russian territory and rescue the agent. If necessary, she must be his executioner.

There’s only one problem. The Russians know Decker and her agents are coming. The stage is set for Department 89 to face their toughest challenge yet – and their greatest loss.

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Books in this series

The Renegade Spy book by Mark O'Neill
The Reichsbank Gold book by Mark O'Neill
The Executioner book by Mark O'Neill
The Traitor book by Mark O'Neill
Operation Eternal Vengeance book by Mark O'Neill
Regime Change book by Mark O'Neill
Operation Thunderbolt book by Mark O'Neill
Valkyrie book by Mark O'Neill

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