When Your Life Is In Danger, You Need a Protector.

Former Legionnaire Jens Schacht is in hiding from the British Government after wiping out a British army unit in Iraq. He covertly enters the United Kingdom, intending to hide out in the Highlands of Scotland until the official heat dies down.

But fate has other plans for him. A local woman in the police witness protection program has her cover blown and her gangster husband tries to kill her. When Schacht intervenes, he is rewarded with unwelcome attention by the local police. This in turn brings the SAS to Scotland, on the orders of the Prime Minister, to get revenge for Iraq.

Not only does Schacht have to look after the woman who is still in danger, he also has to look after himself if he wants to stay alive. And that means fighting off a squad of the best trained special forces soldiers in the world.

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