Department 89 Fights For Its Very Survival.

Since day one, the elite German Intelligence unit, Department 89, has had a ruthless enemy in the government who wants the department destroyed. He has tried and failed twice. Now with the department’s chief Major Sophie Decker lusting for revenge after the death of one of her agents, the traitor knows he has only one shot left. He needs to make it count or he’s dead.

German Chancellor Claudia Meyer orders Major Decker to use any and all means necessary to silence the traitor forever. But the traitor has now upped the stakes by involving an investigative Berlin newspaper journalist, who is determined to break the story and put Decker in prison.

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I am a German patriot. I love my country and I would gladly die for it. But the actions I have undertaken in my life, which I personally believed were in the best interests of the state would have me labelled as a traitor by the government in which I serve.

I am responsible for the deaths of many government operatives, deaths which I considered to be necessary for the collective good. This includes an officer in an elite military intelligence unit called Department 89. A unit that fills me with disgust. A unit which wraps itself in the German flag and conducts itself with impunity.

A unit which acts on the orders of the German chancellor, Claudia Meyer. A duplicitous woman who would smile to your face and pick your pocket at the same time. She deserves to die along with the rest of her personal thugs.

I have vowed to bring them all down. I tried in Berlin with the Neo-Nazi uprising. That failed. I tried in Russia. That failed as well. I am wondering whether good things are really meant to come in threes. If so, their time has finally come and I will emerge as the final victor.

Due to my past two failures, my arch-nemesis has vowed to track me down. When she finds me, she will kill me without hesitation and mercy. I am not naive to think she will grant me mercy. I am responsible for the death of one of her own, and that has earned me an instant death sentence. There will be no court, judge or right to appeal. There will simply be a quick bullet to the head – if I’m lucky.

I only have one more chance to kill them all first. Therefore I need to pull out all the stops and throw caution to the wind. I have to believe that it is my destiny to survive.

Nevertheless, I have this horrible feeling which can only be described as the cold hand of death touching me on the shoulder, telling me my time is done. Death is coming to claim my soul and send me straight to the fires of Hell for my sins.

Death has a name. 

That name is Major Sophie Decker.


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