Choosing your eBook selling platforms

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Next up in the self-publishing series is choosing your eBook selling platforms. Obviously, when you think books, you immediately think of Amazon, and indeed KDP should be your first port of call. You will get the lion’s share of your sales from Amazon because they have a stranglehold on online book sales.

But despite what Amazon would have you believe, there are people who hate Amazon, and who prefer to buy their books elsewhere. Ignoring them is literally leaving money on the table. It’s not a vast amount, but enough to matter. That’s why you should also sign up for Draft2Digital.


D2D are an aggregation platform that will distribute your book to places like Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Kobo, and others. The great thing about Draft2Digital is that they can also get your books into the US library system. Libraries pay quite well for your books, so it would not be a case of handing them free copies.

Then there’s PublishDrive, which will get you access to more obscure markets such as Hungary and China. Sign up for all of them, and get your books out there far and wide. These platforms only make money when you make money, so you have literally nothing to lose.

Don’t double-publish!

The Renegade Spy spy thriller

The only thing I will say about signing up for multiple eBook selling platforms is that there will be some crossover. By that, I mean that they will all publish to some of the same platforms. You have to be extremely alert that you don’t “double-publish” your books with more than one eBook aggregator. Keep a Google spreadsheet of who’s publishing which book and where.

It pays to keep track of this, because Amazon gets very upset if they see multiple listings of the same book. I know authors who have had their Amazon publishing account shut down because of this infraction – and it was a genuine mistake on the part of the author.

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