Mark O'Neill

90% of what I do is daydreaming. The rest is typing.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Yes. Send it to the address above. Please insert cash to cover the return postage.

    For legal reasons, I cannot listen to book idea pitches, nor read your manuscript.

    No, I don’t usually take calls. I don’t mean to be anti-social but I have work to do. Plus, I have to think about my family’s privacy.

    I usually announce it on my Facebook page, my blog, and my YouTube channel. Generally, I’m now aiming to get a new book out every three months.

    I’m always open to new work assignments. Send me an email and let’s talk.

    Good for you. However, I’m extremely happy with my website, you can keep your 10% of a fictitious $50 million, and I’m happily married. So don’t bother emailing.

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