Mark O'Neill

Bestselling author and digital creator

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    Frequently asked questions

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    Using the “Book a Call” button above, you can arrange a call with me on Google Meet.

    However, you MUST specify the reason for the call. If I feel that the meeting will be a waste of time, I will cancel it. The call booking feature is usually for my self-publishing clients.

    Yes. Send it to :

    Mark O’Neill
    Postfach 9301
    97093 Würzburg

    Please insert Euros to cover the return postage. If no return postage money is enclosed, I cannot guarantee that your book will be returned.

    For legal reasons, I cannot listen to book idea pitches, nor read your manuscript.

    No. I don’t respond to cold pitches and press releases.

    If you don’t receive a reply to your first email, then don’t send me another email and “follow up” or “circle back.”

    I usually announce it on my Facebook page, my blog, and my YouTube channel. Generally, I’m now aiming to get a new book out every three months.

    If you bought my book from Amazon, and there is a problem, you must contact Amazon customer service directly. I cannot issue refunds myself or involve myself in disputes.

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    I’m always open to new work assignments. Send me an email and let’s talk.

    Good for you. However, I’m extremely happy with my website, you can keep your 10% of a fictitious $50 million, and I’m happily married. So don’t bother emailing.