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Death to Spies (Department 89 #16)

Death to Spies Mark O'Neill Department 89

Department 89 is BACK in an action-packed adventure where they fight to destroy a resurrected Soviet-era Intelligence unit

During World War II, the Soviet KGB created an intelligence unit called SMERSH, an abbreviation of Smert Shpionam. Translated to English, it literally meant Death to Spies. It was officially disbanded in 1946, a relic of history.

Almost 80 years later, someone has resurrected SMERSH to wreak havoc across the world by assassinating government intelligence agents. Each spy has a card left on their chest saying Smert Shpionam.

With the Russian government officially denying all knowledge and responsibility, it falls to Major Sophie Decker and her elite Department 89 team to find out who is behind the newly resurrected SMERSH and re-bury it in the past where it belongs.

A Russian FSB officer is assigned by Moscow to help Department 89 hunt down the assassins. But the stakes suddenly get much higher when a Department 89 agent is SMERSH’s next target….

Praise for the Department 89 series

★★★★★ “A thrill ride from start to finish”
★★★★★ “The books riveted me to my chair from beginning to end. The tension keeps ratcheting up every page-turn until the very satisfying end.”
★★★★★ “Well written exciting books.”
★★★★★ “Fast paced, well crafted, this is a great read.”
★★★★★ “A wonderfully crafted action-packed story with twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat right to the last page. This fast-paced read grabs you on the first page and is powered by non-stop action and a taut, emotional narrative.”


tod den spionen abteilung 89 mark o'neill
German translation coming soon!

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