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Um diese Seite ins Deutsche zu übersetzen, klicken Sie auf die Flaggenschaltfläche unten links auf der Seite.

Um diese Seite ins Deutsche zu übersetzen, klicken Sie auf die Flaggenschaltfläche unten links auf der Seite.

Do you need help with your English? Look no further!

My name is Mark O’Neill and I come from Scotland. I have experience teaching English to foreigners, and I would like you to be my next client!

Lessons would be online only, using Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime, or WhatsApp video. Whatever you prefer. You must have a fast and reliable internet connection. Lessons are usually one hour each.

Here are some of the things I can do for you.

English conversation. We would talk about various topics, I would correct your grammar, introduce you to new vocabulary, etc. The talking would be fun, relaxing, and we’d have a good laugh.

Help preparing for English language exams. In Germany, this would be the high school Abitur course or a university course. There will obviously be an equivalent in your own country. Perhaps you are struggling with your English schoolwork or your child is having trouble?

Business English – To get ahead in your career, you will need to know English! To get that big work promotion, let me help you (with the English, not the promotion!)

Citizenship language exam preparation – If you are in the UK or USA, perhaps you need to improve your English for the citizenship exam? Let’s figure out what you need to know and practice, and I will help you.

English editing and proofreading of documents – if you have any documents in English, I can edit and proofread them. I can also advise you on how to make sentences sound better.

If there is anything else English-language related that you require, let me know. I’m sure we can work out an arrangement! I’m pretty flexible.

Interested? Then contact me and let’s get things started!

The big question - How much do I cost?

It is impossible to put an exact number on it because it all depends on your needs. Generally speaking, my rates start from 20 Euros per hour and go up from there. Payment is required before lessons begin.

You will get a 25% discount if you pay for a minimum ten lessons up-front. So ten lessons at 20 Euros each will reduce your bill from 200 Euros to 150 Euros instead. However, if you stop the classes midway through, you won’t be refunded for the unused classes.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or PayPal. Anyone who is a refugee will be eligible for a discount. I would need to see proof that you are indeed a refugee registered with the government.

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