The future is the home office

Mark O'Neill 2004 home office

When I first started as a self-employed home office entrepreneur in 2004, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever see that day. Until then, the idea of working for myself terrified me. I hated (and still hate to a certain extent) instability and uncertainty. I craved the idea of a steady reliable paycheck, even if it meant working for some of the worst bosses in existence.

But then, self-employment was more or less forced upon me. I had no choice if I wanted to keep earning a living wage. Ill-health meant that I couldn’t reliably work for another person. I had trouble leaving the house and my moods swung every few moments. So I started as an English tutor to Germans, as well as consignment selling on eBay and occasionally writing for print magazines.

The very limited home office opportunities of 20 years ago

web 1.0 home office

Remember, this was 2004 — the online self-employment opportunities available today didn’t really exist back then. It was either eBay, online surveys that didn’t pay out till you reached $50 (so, in other words, never), or some other form of badly paying tedious work.

Blogs were still mostly in their infancy, as were affiliate programs. There was no social media to speak of. No LinkedIn, no Kindle, no paid newsletter platforms like Medium and Substack. Gmail was only just beginning. Hell, we didn’t even have smartphones and tablets in 2004!

Yep, I’m showing my age. I can still remember the year 2000 and the thrill of receiving my first email on

The limitless online home office work opportunities of today

working in home office

Since then, work opportunities have flourished. You can now self-publish your own books with Amazon Kindle and Draft2Digital. You can write full-time for websites covering every subject imaginable. You can build tools, apps, and online courses, and sell them to anyone in the world using PayPal or Stripe.

Plus, with the ongoing Covid pandemic, people have found that working from home is possible after all — and they now want it to be the new normal.

People who criticise home office working are secretly envious

stressed worker

I’ve met lots of people who think that working from home is “not a real job”. But on the flip side, I have met lots of people who are envious of what I do. They don’t want to commute into an office to work for a boss and a company they detest. They want to work in a home office, do their own thing, make their own money, and spend more time on their priorities such as their family and their health.

Employers are going to fight this new enlightened attitude tooth-and-nail, but Covid opened Pandora’s Box and it isn’t going to close again so easily. People have glimpsed the possibilities and they want to keep them.

What can you expect from Home Office CEO?

Home Office CEO

The purpose of me writing the Home Office CEO newsletter are as follows. This is what you can expect to see from me if you subscribe and keep reading my articles.

  • Deep dives into different forms of self-employment and entrepreneurship possibilities.
  • How to effectively set up your home office for maximum productivity.
  • The best tools to do your best work, as well as tips and tricks on how to maximise their use.
  • Life hacks to improve the overall quality of your life as you work from home.
  • Relevant news links — and my analysis of them — relating to self-employment, entrepreneurship, and related subjects.
  • Mistakes I made along the way, so you don’t make them too.
  • Anything from my back story that I think you would find useful, inspiring, etc.

So please do follow me here and recommend me to your like-minded friends. I’m excited to see where this all takes us. The best investment you can make is in yourself.

Why work to build someone else’s business empire when you should be working to build your own? Be the Home Office CEO of your own empire and destiny.

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