Author: Mark O'Neill

Regime Change

Regime Change

It’s been six months since German Chancellor Claudia Meyer declared war on North Korea after the bombing of the German Bundestag. But the war has ground to a halt. Major allies are deserting under pressure from an aggressive US President,

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Operation Eternal Vengeance

After the failed attempt to kill a defector who fled to Germany, North Korea carries out a revenge attack in Berlin. It is the most serious attack on the city since World War II. Major Sophie Decker of the elite

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The Traitor

Since day one, the elite German Intelligence unit, Department 89, has had a ruthless enemy in the government who wants the department destroyed. He has tried and failed twice. Now with the department’s chief Major Sophie Decker lusting for revenge

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The Executioner

An undercover German Intelligence spy in the Russian FSB is betrayed and forced to go on the run. But he is eventually captured by a sadistic ex-KGB colonel, now working freelance for the Russian President. His capture sets off a

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The Reichsbank Gold

February 1945 : With the war nearly over, the Nazi regime moves their entire cash and gold Reichsbank reserves, from Berlin to the salt mines of Merkers. But some of the gold is stolen and is never found again. September

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renegade spy

The Renegade Spy

German Intelligence officer Captain Sophie Decker has a reputation for refusing to play by the rules. Being a renegade spy has made her enemies in her own service. But when an informant reveals a plot to assassinate the German Chancellor,

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The Undertaker

John Smith is an ordinary man, with an ordinary job and a family. But it wasn’t always like that. Nicknamed “The Undertaker”, he was once an assassin, until he fell in love and turned his

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