Mark O'Neill

Spy thriller author, creative entrepreneur, daydreamer

Self Publishing Success
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If you are a journalist, blogger, book reviewer or podcaster, I would love it if you would feature me on your site, publication, or show. The more publicity and exposure my work gets, the more people will read it (and hopefully enjoy it).

In the first instance, send me an email and we can discuss what you would like to do. I can then provide you with a phone number or online chat ID, so we can continue the conversation.


Mark O’Neill retains the copyright to these images. However, you are allowed to use them if you are promoting me and my work.

The images cannot be altered in any way without my prior permission.

Other resources

My books, story plots and customer reviews can be found on my Amazon page.

Biographical information can be found on the About page.

Not sure what to ask me? Here are some suggested interview questions.

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