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Mark O'Neill

90% of what I do is daydreaming. The rest is typing.

Mark O'Neill author
Mark O'Neill author

Let me take over your website content and give it an ADRENALIN SHOT!

I get it – times are tough. Who can afford to hire full-time in-house content writers, copy editors, and social media managers in this tough economy? That’s why I am the answer to your prayers!

I will TURBOCHARGE your business by giving you the best web content possible! Your website will transformed into something bigger and better to multiply your revenue and blow the minds of your customers!

All for a fraction of the cost of hiring your own full-time staff! Hire me when you need me and ditch me when you don’t. I won’t cry and take it personally!

Or maybe you’re looking to improve your English?

"Imagine hiring a building contractor who is also a master electrician, carpenter, plumber, plasterer, glazier, thatcher, tiler...every trade ever needed to build a home. Now apply that to the world of writing. That's Mark."
guy mcdowell
Guy McDowell
Tech writer

Establish your brand with better website content

working in home office

Website content is crucial for any business looking to establish an online presence and connect with their target audience. Whether you’re a small start-up or a large corporation, the right website content can make a huge difference in your success. 

It can help you to establish your brand and build a strong online reputation. By consistently providing valuable and engaging content that is aligned with your brand, you can help to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry and build trust with your target audience.

"Mark is one of the fastest and most natural writers I have ever had the pleasure of working with! Finding a solid, reliable writer is difficult. Mark is really a great find!"

Gain new customers with better social media

facebook ad

By creating and maintaining a strong social media presence, businesses can reach a wider audience, build relationships with customers, and ultimately drive more sales. Increase brand awareness, engage with your customers in a more personal and direct way, build stronger relationships with them, and create a sense of community.

Social media can also be used to manage your business’s reputation. By monitoring what is being said about your business on social media, you can address any negative comments or complaints and maintain a positive image.

"A mentor and the go-to guy for advice."
saikat basu
Saikat Basu
Tech writer and editor

boost your revenue with google my business

google my business

Firmly establishing your online business is crucial. One of the most effective tools is Google My Business (GMB). GMB is a free and user-friendly platform that enables business owners to manage their online presence, enhance their local visibility, and engage with potential customers. With over 5.6 billion searches conducted on Google every day, having a well-maintained GMB profile can make the difference between your business going boom or bust.

  • Google My Business acts as a virtual storefront, prominently displaying your business on Google Maps and local search results. When users search for products or services related to your business, your GMB listing can appear with essential information such as your business name, address, phone number, hours of operation, and even directions.
  • Your GMB profile serves as the first point of contact with many potential customers. By providing accurate and up-to-date information, including high-quality images and a compelling business description, you create a positive first impression.
  • GMB offers features like customer reviews and Q&A sections that enable businesses to engage directly with their audience.
  • GMB allows you to highlight your products and services through posts and updates.
  • GMB provides valuable insights into customer behavior and interaction with your listing. You can track the number of clicks, calls, website visits, and direction requests your profile generates.
  • With the rise of mobile search, having a GMB profile becomes even more crucial. Mobile users often search for businesses while on the go, and GMB listings are optimized for mobile devices.

PUBLISHED on countless websites

"Mark is consistently one of the best writers out there. In-depth, to the point, and sticking to his guns."

PUBLISHED in various international publications

"Mark is approachable, and you can trust him to be honest and transparent about any challenges he foresees. Having worked online for years, Mark understands the keys to success."
maggie marystone
Maggie Marystone

Here's what I can do for you


Make your existing content sound better.
  • Articles will be checked for typos and grammar.
  • Suggestions will be made on how to improve the article.
  • Articles will be SEO-optimised.
  • Text will be rewritten where necessary.

Content writing

Increase your online presence
  • Articles will be written, according to your detailed brief.
  • Articles will be original and accurate.
  • Articles will be SEO-optimized.
  • Appropriate images will be found.
  • Articles can be written in Google Docs or directly into WordPress.

Social media management

Make your business easier to find
  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter.
  • Pre-written posts and images for the entire month.
  • The posts will be pre-scheduled on your social media platform.
  • Comments will be monitored and replied to.
  • Any other requirements you have.

WordPress site management

Be a star!
  • Plugins will be updated daily.
  • Spam comments deleted daily.
  • Site monitored for any downtime.
  • The site will be backed up daily.
  • Any other requirements you have.
"I've worked with Mark for several months, both on checking texts for our Crypto Academy and on crypto coin reviews. He was an absolute pleasure to work with -- always pleasant and professional, and extremely organized."

Facebook business page setup

Build your business on Zuckland
  • I will set up a Facebook business page for you.
  • All page features enabled
  • Images provided by you will be optimized and uploaded
  • Page description written
  • Advice given on branding and promotion tips
  • I can look after your page for an additional monthly retainer

Wikipedia page setup

Increase your online presence
  • Wikipedia page built for you, or an existing one rewritten.
  • All 'noteworthy' links and images added

Google 'My Business' setup

Make your business easier to find
  • Your 'My Business' panel claimed.
  • All business information and photos uploaded
  • Your panel linked to Google Maps

YouTube channel creation

Be a star!
  • Your YouTube channel will be set up.
  • A custom header image made.
  • Your videos uploaded.
  • Videos titled, tagged, and description added.
  • Playlists and other sections made.
"Mark's a visionary, highly driven, and extremely organised manager. As a writer and editor he has a fantastic style and sense of humour that comes through in his delivery. He also has a natural instinct for the perfect way to tell a story. "

Amazon product descriptions

Skyrocket your online sales
  • Amazon product description written or rewritten.
  • Images (provided by you) uploaded to description.

Book manuscript editing

Make it a masterpiece!
  • Your book will be put under the microscope
  • All spelling and grammar fixed
  • Plot holes highlighted
  • Suggestions on how to improve the story

Book manuscript formatting

Get your manuscript ready to upload
  • Your manuscript will be formatted into Kindle, EPUB, and PDF.
  • Ready for Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Google Play, and more.
  • Fonts, margins, and headers all perfectly done.
  • Table of contents and author bio inserted (if necessary).
  • Images inserted (if necessary).

Facebook ad creation

Heighten your online exposure
  • Facebook ads created
  • Custom images made.
  • Ads continually monitored and tweaked (on monthly retainer).
"I consider Mark the best editor I ever worked with. He has always been an inspiration to me."
yoast structured data for beginners
yoast local seo certified
"Back in 2006, there were almost no online tech-help blogs, other than MakeUseOf and Lifehacker. Today, the field is loaded with websites, in large part to Mark's contributions to the field. Not only did he pioneer the 2.0-era of tech blogs, he trained legions of people like me, all of whom have nothing but positive anecdotes to share about him."
"Without Mark, I wouldn’t be earning a living in this industry today. He’s been a mentor to me"
tina sieber
Tina Sieber
Tech writer
"Mark is talented at spotting tech trends and explaining how things work. Readers always came away with information they could immediately put to use in their businesses."

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