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ONE MILLION page-reads on Kindle Unlimited

million pagereads kindle unlimited

ONE MILLION Kindle Unlimited page-reads for the Department 89 series this year! This is a record for me. At this pace, I’ll hit two million by October. I am still pinching myself.

However, sales are still vastly preferable to page-reads. Page-reads is like someone borrowing a book from the library and the writer gets paid for every page they read. The payment model is like Spotify. It isn’t even one cent per page. It’s actually $0.00415 per page. So the champagne is still sadly supermarket-brand.

The Kindle Unlimited money is a nice amount but nothing earth-shattering. Still unable to put the down-payment on the yacht and also to hire someone to put bits of chocolate into my mouth at 60-second intervals. But it’s nothing to sniff at either. Especially when month-end bonuses come into play.

But more than anything, one million page-reads is a validation of the books that many people have scoffed at, who have told me that the books would go nowhere, and I should “stay in my lane and get a real job.”

This post is me rubbing their noses in it and pushing their faces into the mud. Don’t put me down and count me out. You’ll always lose.

I still can’t get any attention though from Netflix, Prime Video & Amazon MGM Studios, or Apple. The pilot episode is almost all set to go. Anyone from one of those three places reading this?

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