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The audiobook version of “The Renegade Spy”

The world now seems to be in three separate camps – those who prefer their books in print, those who want them as eBooks, and those who want the audiobook. For the last few months, I have been trying to satisfy the audiobook crowd.

I have never really loved audiobooks myself. I prefer to read books in my own “voice” and not have someone else read it for me. But I recognize there are people who prefer audio. This can be either disabled people, people too busy to sit down with a physical book, or people who have a long commute to and from work every day.

I tried reading the book myself. After all, I get compliments from people about how nice my Scottish accent is. So I thought I would charm people with my Scottish brogue and make money at the same time. Ka-ching! But reading the book was damn hard. Anyone who says reading an audiobook is easy is lying and I hereby give you permission to bop them on the head.

So I got my good friend, Mirko Schieder, to read it for me. When I hopefully release the free sample chapter soon, you’ll hear what a pleasant voice he has. In fact, he has one of those voices you can easily drop off to sleep to! He does the various accents too which is great. It’s not just a “straight reading” – he does accents and tones of voices, and injects humour where appropriate. Quite simply, what I have heard so far is a work of genius.

I hope my readers think so too. It is currently in the editing stage and will hopefully be released for sale on all major platforms in either May or June.

In other news, the Italian version of “The Renegade Spy” is now in the editing stage as well. No release date for that yet as I have to make a cover for it.

Mark O'Neill
Mark O'Neill
Mark O'Neill is the owner of O'Neill Media, and the bestselling author of the Department 89 series. He is also a writer and editor for Android Authority.

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