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self-publishing success book

I usually don’t attempt to design book covers. I know my limitations.

But today I decided to make an exception. I am starting to write my first non-fiction book about self-publishing. Doing the cover design for a non-fiction book is much easier than fiction. There are so many variables with fiction novel covers that they truly are best left to the experts.

But non-fiction? Much easier.

I made this cover with Canva. Canva is truly a self-published writer’s best friend. As one of my writer colleagues said : “if you’re a self-published author, just pony up for the Canva Pro subscription at the start and save yourself some time.”

Lots of designers can do this work for me. But I made this cover in 30 minutes, and to me it looks professional enough. What would you say?

Do you have any questions you want answered in the book? Let me know and I will credit the question to you in the book.

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