series: Department 89 Case Files

The Devil Incarcerated

Former German soldier Gabriel Keller is serving a life sentence for murder. Told by a judge that he is too dangerous to ever be released, Keller is a man without purpose. Surviving, not living. Department 89 receives a credible threat

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Above The Law

When a refugee is accused of a vicious sexual assault and robbery, outraged members of a far-right nationalist group vow revenge. Setting up armed vigilante groups in the town of Hofstadt, they declare the town’s independence from Berlin. They take

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The Peace Emissary

A North Korean diplomat comes to Berlin wanting to speak with the German chancellor, Claudia Meyer. He suggests that the country is ready to topple the Communist regime and seek peace with the West. But when the plot is discovered,

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The Beethoven Syndrome

It’s 1944 and in the closing stages of the war, Nazi scientists finally perfect a nerve gas that has the potential to cripple the invading Allied armies and turn the tide of the war in favour of Germany. But before

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The Assassin’s Child

For years, spy chief Major Sophie Decker has had to live with the memories of a terrible childhood in Communist East Germany, and an alcoholic father who worked for the Stasi secret police, who sexually abused her. Those memories made

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Sovereign Territory

A drunken US Embassy official in Berlin crashes his car into a playground and kills six German children. But when it emerges that he intends to exercise his right to diplomatic immunity to escape prosecution, that is one step too

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The Undertaker

John Smith is an ordinary man, with an ordinary job and a family. But it wasn’t always like that. Nicknamed “The Undertaker”, he was once an assassin, until he fell in love and turned his

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