series: The Scorpion

Praetorian Scorpion

The Praetorian Scorpion

Former Legionnaire Jens Schacht is in hiding from the British Government after wiping out a British army unit in Iraq. He covertly enters the United Kingdom, intending to hide out in the Highlands of Scotland until the official heat dies

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The Desert Scorpion

In The Renegade Spy, the Scorpion is a merciless and psychopathic assassin, hired to murder the German chancellor. But years before, he used to be a Foreign Legionnaire, a man of honour. What happened? It’s 2007 and the Iraq conflict is at

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The Undertaker

John Smith is an ordinary man, with an ordinary job and a family. But it wasn’t always like that. Nicknamed “The Undertaker”, he was once an assassin, until he fell in love and turned his

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