Too Many Projects, Too Little Time

Max Amsel

As well as my regular job which currently pays the bills, I am also taking on more projects than I should. It’s a terrible habit juggling so many balls and wearing so many hats, but when it works out, it’s good for the fans.

I was going to put Department 89 on ice after finishing the current book (which comes out tomorrow), and start a crime series under a pen name. But spontaneously, I decided to push in two new Department 89 short stories, kick-start the Department 89 audiobooks, and collaborate with my graphic designer to get the comic series started. That’s what happens when a fan emails you at 2.00am and asks you to speed up and write more because they love the series.

And that’s not including doing several rewrites of the treatment to be sent to Netflix for a possible TV series. Can anyone say “late nights”?

With the comics, they are likely to be divided into 20-30 page editions, each one coming out either every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks. They will be the comic versions of the existing books, but I am not ruling out making ones “based on the Department 89 books”. They will be sold on Comixology as well as PDF files on my own website. Selling them on Kindle, Apple, and various other platforms is extremely problematic as it would require a certain type of eBook formatting which is VERY expensive to produce.

As for the audio book….wow, I thought at first I could get away with reading them myself and getting a friend to edit them. But after making a total mess of it yesterday afternoon, I realised I was out of my depth. I write books, that’s what I do. I should leave the audiobook narrating to others. That’s like the audiobook narrator walking into my office, pushing me out of the way, and starting to write my books for me.

We all have a place and a purpose. Mine is to write.

Mark O'Neill
Mark O'Neill
Mark O'Neill is the owner of O'Neill Media, and the bestselling author of the Department 89 series. He is also a writer and editor for Android Authority.

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